Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Spirit of Discovery, Knowledge & Adventure

Embracing 2010 and welcoming you to the Built Studio Annex / blog

This shared blog content and intent is to engage together a future filled with a sense of discovery, of Culture, Art, Architecture, Film, History, Language, Fashion, Food, Technology, Feelings, etc. All of the unknown elements that make us human and vulnerable to social change and intellectual growth.

Ironically, amongst a few instances, it took a silly Pixar film; "Up" to be reminded of our temporal mortality and unfinished agendas; the "Stuff I'm Going to Do" to conquer and face our fears with confidence and visionary strength to accomplish these tasks.

This said, I am honored to embrace Amber as my wife and partner, to venture with me in these projects and adventures with the participation of our newly formed collaborative: Built Studio -"design solutions for the built environment." Thus the name: "Built Studio Annex." This blog will serve as communal venue for discourse, exploration, discovery, process and application.

Amongst the many topics, Culture for instance...
...I invite you to take a moment to explore the following website; Panama Mio which has inspired, moved and reminded me to consider producing a research documentary film by organizing an expedition into the sites and cultures, in search of a pivotal individual that I admired in my childhood while in the Panama Republic.

He was El Cacique Urraca, who influenced, changed and saved what was the remnants of an entire civilization... a civilization we now know as Panama.

I urge you to walk with me into a place of natural wonder, insurmountable beauty and cultural wealth... into a time of unrecorded history and for an instant, resurrect the strength and belief of an individual of a world condemned.

... the search for El Cacique Urraca de Veraguas.